The increasingly rigorous international regulatory framework and the growing pressure from brands and consumers who ask for eco-friendly textiles have fostered the correct use of certified raw materials, eco-friendly chemicals in the production processes, and eliminating substances harmful to the human and natural environment. Our policy is to gradually eliminate hazardous and noxious substances. Our brand includes all the collections created from recycled-carded yarns. Our protocol considers as recycled-carded a fabric made by at least 50% of recycled or recovered material; but let’s have a look at the definitions:

Recycled material: a material made from recovered material through processing it into the end product or into a component to be incorporated in a textile item; Recovered material: a material that would have otherwise been disposed of as waste or used for energy production, which was instead collected and recovered as material to be reprocessed (rather than using new raw material) through a recycling or production process. Our fabrics are tested by an accredited independent laboratory, Accredia ISO-IEC 17025; – the fabrics that are offered as ecological are also provided with the ECO-PATH® trademark and the relevant valid certificate (Ecopath® is a proprietary tradename of Lanartex srl – www.lanartex.it –www.ecopath.it)